When was Abhati founded? December 2013

What is Abhati’s mission?Abhati is built on a mission of people and planet. Our sales directly support educating girls from vulnerable communities in India through our partnership with Educate Girls. And our products are made from whole plant ingredients we source through direct partnerships with agricultural families in the rural Himalayas.

How is Abhati different from other companies that pursue charitable causes?Giving has been embedded in our DNA from day 1. We are a for-profit company that reinvests a significant portion of our profits to support NGOs that work toward getting girls from vulnerable communities into school and helping them pursue an education that will benefit them long-term.

How do you evaluate the impact of your efforts?Quantitatively, we measure impact by the number of girls our sales send to school. But on a personal level, hearing the stories of the countless young girls who have been rescued from extreme poverty and a future as a child bride makes it clear that every sale of Abhati has a tremendous impact.

What kind of relationship do you have with the NGO you are working with?We have had a long-term partnership with our primary NGO, Educate Girls, after learning about the important work they do to rescue girls from becoming child brides and convincing their families that going to school is more valuable and meaningful. Additionally, Abhati founder and CEO Anju Rupal was one of the founding members of Weforest.org, which is the organization we support through our membership with 1% For The Planet.