ABHATI Suisse is future forward beauty, where product innovation merges with doing good for the world. Behind every high-performance formula is an act of kindness to people and planet.

To do is to shine. We believe action is beauty:

Beauty without compromise.

Beauty with international impact.

Beauty created consciously.

Beauty actively giving back.

ABHATI means to shine in Sanskrit. 

Be radiant. Shine on.


The crisis in our world is an opportunity to make change. Awareness is power to make that change.

We are enthusiastic members of the B Corp, a growing collective of ethical business united by our hope for a brighter, equitable future. Certified from B Lab Switzerland, every year we are thoroughly vetted on everything, from oversight on our supply chain aFFnd charitable claims to how we impact workers and the environment.

1% for the Planet is a community of businesses financially committed to the environment and the health of our planet. As a certified member, we have helped contribute to giving $270 million to highly vetted non-governmental operations focused on environmental issues.


We partner with Educate Girls to support initiatives educating girls in rural India. Together with you, we are helping to pull women out of poverty with every purchase. So far you have made it possible for 392,000 girls to attend school…and counting.


Science-driven research and expert care go into every ABHATI Suisse creation.

Designed to delight the senses and elevate your self-care experience, our series of products for body, face and hair amplify your beauty from within with proven performance and visible benefits. Imbued in every innovation, each transportive scent expression is an intoxicating world where you are the special guest.

The names in the ABHATI Suisse collection are inspired by the rich geography of India. Working directly with local farmers in the Himachal Pradesh region, we know the origin of all the organic and wildcrafted whole plant ingredients in every bottle – or Shampoo Bar.



“When I felt the spark for Abhati, I was searching for ways to do something tangible to help empower and educate girls. Girls who, without our help, could not attend school. And that’s why I started Abhati: I wanted to make a difference in our crazy, beautiful world.”


It’s time for a proper introduction. My name is Anju Rupal, and I am a lifelong social worker, environmental activist and the founder of Abhati.

Abhati is so much more than a beauty company. Behind it is a passionate team of beauty experts, designers and entrepreneurs who are working hard to curate a beautiful collection of products that work for both people and planet.

We hope you join us on our exciting journey of looking after each other, and thank you for your support.