A new way forward with shampoo bars

It took us over two years to get the idea and technology of extracting the liquid out of our shampoo for our shampoo bars while maintaining an optimal pH-balanced level for scalp. Ours are not the conventional bars you find in drugstores that traditionally leave scalp feeling greasy and hair like straw: they lather beautifully and have a high percentage of skincare ingredients to protect your scalp and hair.

Our team is specialized in natural products and are known for creating great skin and haircare, but what many don’t know is that Switzerland has a cutting-edge science in the natural cosmetic space. I wanted to find out if my personal care could be more sustainable with less, and the team obsessed over every detail to make ours exceptional in performance and luxurious in texture.

Sustainability even informed our scents. Scent is an obsession for our line, and for the shampoo bars we worked with a perfumer to find an unusual application for plant waste. For instance, for our citrus scent we distilled leftover fruits and peels from organic farms that grow produce to make juice. The result has been amazing while allowing us to lower our ingredient footprint, and this is a technique we will be exploring more in the future.

So for those who really want to reduce plastic use, we’re giving you a sustainable alternative to conventional haircare that really works. We’ve managed to bring out solid shampoo that performs as well as our liquid shampoos, albeit by using fewer resources.